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Hypnotherapy for 


Stop worrying and start living

Anxiety is generally a pattern of unfounded and unnecessary negative thinking and worry about what may, or may not, happen in the future. It affects pretty much everyone to some degree! Together we'll help you to overcome anxiety by getting better at processing the world around you.
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Let's get you in control of your 


We will use a range of proven, drug-free approaches to rapidly access and reprogram conscious and subconscious thinking that may be driving your issues with

These include dialogue, writing, drawing, storytelling, mind coaching and remedial hypnosis (or hypnotherapy).

Many of these techniques have been used in healing for thousands of years. Today they’re also used to create behavioural change and promote mental wellbeing in business, coaching, counselling, education, health & fitness, personal growth, professional development, relationships, sport and more.

As we work together, you’ll change the way you process experiences and store thoughts that result in you running this pattern. 
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Principles of Practice

Before you choose to work with me, it's important that you read, understand and agree with these simple principles of practice:


What's said between us stays between us

Everything we discuss is confidential, unless I believe that someone may be in danger or if we agree that someone else needs to be involved.


Shaping what’s to come

This is not about spending hours trying to make sense of your past — it’s about creating the future you want. We combine previous experiences with realistic future goals to highlight how you can overcome challenges, make better decisions and utilise your resources to create change, fast.


We work together

I do not magically 'fix' you or give you the answers — all that's going to come from you! I simply guide you through a highly personalised process, tailored to your specific needs, that requires your honesty, commitment, input and action.


'Feeling' better by 'doing' better

I am not here to help you 'feel' better. I am here to help you 'do' better (and by taking action you will be able to make yourself feel better)! The process of doing better can bring up things that you find confronting and unpleasant emotions or memories may surface. But this is part of the process, as only by identifying them can we truly target them.


Working on what you need right now

Everyone is different, has different needs and thinks differently from one day to the next, so we take an adaptable approach with wriggle room for the unexpected! There may be tears, there is usually laughter and lots of other emotions in between.


Determining what is real rather than imagined

We will establish what your true challenges are, their triggers and the impact on your life. Your processing, filtering and response patterns will be challenged and assessed.


Creating change that lasts

We embed the courage, resources and power that enable you to continue to make choices that create long-lasting change, disrupt negative thinking and make decisions with confidence.


Doing it all with direction, confidence and positivity

We establish what’s important to you — your sense of purpose or your ‘north star’ — and this becomes the platform from which you can process thoughts, filter feelings, amplify your strengths, add value and respond to the world around you in a new and positive way.